This is the Future of Chocolate: 3D Printing and the Founding of piq Chocolates

A few years ago, the future of chocolate began to take shape…

Levi Lalla piq founder

Levi Lalla, co-founder of piq Chocolates

It happened one day when Levi Lalla met an angelinvestor who was impressed by Levi’s MIT background. “What’s the best idea you’ve got?” the angel said curiously. After Levi threw out a couple of ideas, the man started to lose interest. “Yeah, I’m not impressed,” he said. Then, Levi said the most outlandish idea that he could think of: 3D chocolate printing. “I like it. Let’s do it,” the potential investor finally cheered.

While some bemoan the hardships of getting funding, it was for Levi and his piq Chocolate business partners, probably the easiest part. Building the 3D chocolate printer wasn’t so bad either, although it took quite a while to get to the smooth running one they have now. Still, their frustrations have been daily; from building software solutions from scratch to coming up against a lack of programs so that people can actually design their chocolates. Not to mention that chocolate is a fickle, fickle food.

“I occasionally get very frustrated with chocolate,” said Levi, recounting his failures in tempering or waiting in fear to make sure the chocolates arrive unmelted. Despite the problems, he waxed poetic about the decadent substance throughout our conversation, and prided himself on piq’s high quality, lack of additives, and minimalist recipes. “3 or 4 ingredients tops.”

Want to custom design chocolate for yourself? Check out their website at

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